DS4SJ Ecosystem

The Pitt Seed-funded Data Science for Social Justice (DS4SJ) Ecosystem project is a one year $75K funded project that demonstrates the G2A model of creating student pathways to engaged learning is scalable and can:

  • deepen Pitt’s social impact
  • improve connections across departments
  • provide students with meaningful workplace-relevant training in multidisciplinary teamwork

Who is involved the DS4SJ project?

Over 20 faculty/staff/community members are part of the grant, but activities in each semester is driven by a cohort of 6-12 Pitt faculty/staff & student teams.

Fall 2022 Cohort Members

Alison Langmead (Digital Humanities), Bob Gradeck (WPRDC), Natasha Williams (GSPIA), Nick Farnan (CS), Nora Mattern (SCI), and Eleanor Anderson (School of Education)

Spring 2023 Cohort Members

Gabby Yearwood (Anthropology), Ron Idoko (Social Work), Michele Reid-Vazquez (Africana Studies), Trupti Sarode (GSPIA), Bob Gradeck (WPRDC), Nora Mattern (SCI), Eleanor Anderson (School of Education), Julia Santucci (GSPIA), Kay Shimizu (GSPIA), Nick Farnan (CS), and Eleanor Anderson (School of Education)

Student team Members

Celeste Hall (GSPIA ‘24, Law ‘25), Zarah Glaze (GSPIA ’24), Hannah Genovese (GSPIA ’23), Blair Mickles (GSPIA ’22, Social Work ’22), Emmaline Rial (GSPIA ‘24), Kiara Jimenez (Psychology, English ‘23), Colin Griffin (CS ‘22), Ivy Chang (Business, Econ ‘23), Patrick Gavarazzi (CS ’24), Ashlyn Salvage (Ed. PhD Student), Marialexia Zagarova (Ed. PhD Student), Grace DeLallo (PPW ’23), and Emily Nissley (Psychology, Sociology ’23)

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