About Us

Who are we?

We work through creating a community of learning and practice of people (students, staff, faculty, community partners)  passionate about a specific social justice issue who leverage data science tools to explore and design solutions to pressing challenges in the community.

We find innovative ways to solve community challenges through designing and implementing solutions in the data science realm. We harness University resources to implement these solutions.

Our areas of focus (areas where we feel passionate to make a difference) :

  • Criminal justice
  • Social services / safety nets

What do we do?

Our work can be as an intersection of two key functions:

  1. A practice to research center where we generate research questions out of practical problem(s) that we or our partners encounter in the real world, and then incubate research teams to answer those questions. 

  2. A social justice data science incubator where we provide community or infrastructure around building data platforms. 

How we work?

We draw heavily on the human-centered design approach and principles (as seen in the visual below) and anchor our work firmly in community-engaged scholarship and research.

Visual showing the human-centered design inspired Grief to Action model
Visual showing the Grief-to-Action model anchored in human-centered design principles